My safe for work stuff

Twitter (don't you just love character limits)
Mastodon (it's like a weirder less popular twitter)
Tumblr (remember tumblr)
Instagram (I'm narcissistic trash)
Twitch (it's like chaturbate, but without the tits)
YouTube (just occasional random videos)
Discord (I haz my own server)
Steam (I made this game called lilGunBois)

My porno stuff

AmateurPorn (my fav clip site)
ManyVids (another clip site)
ModelHub (another another clip site)
OnlyFans (subscription based porn)
Patreon (this is connected to a very lewd discord channel)

Physical goods

TeePublic (shirts and stickers)
Blurb (books and magazines)

For anyone that wants to be extra nice

Steam (I heart vidja games)
Amazon (dot ca because I'm Canadian)
PayPal (cute panties and knee socks aren't free)

very 90s under construction gif coming soon