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Post by SoniEx2 »

do you play celeste? do you speedrun celeste?

we don't really speedrun it but we think we finished 7b last time we played it, maybe. it's been a while, we don't remember if we actually finished it. 7b is hard, honestly.
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Post by BoringKate »

I've only played a couple levels, but I've been thinking about sinking some more time into it. Seems quality.
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Post by ComradeLilly »

I'm not very good at it but it's so awesome lmao. I need to give it another go. It's another one of those games I wish I had when I was growing up.
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Post by RecreationalEgodeath »

I think I got all the strawberries in the normal game but I hadn't come back to play the next tier of difficulty so maybe I'll work at it sometime. It's a really solid game, but speedrunning's not my thing either.
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